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Go Bag 2015

Somewhere a survivalist has documented a key aspect of go-baggery in his Go Bag Manifesto. It goes something like this: don’t lose your go bag. Perhaps it is The Go Baggers Creed (“This is my go bag. There are many like it, but this one is mine.”).

It might not even be that obscure of a principle. It seems pretty basic. If you have something prepared for an emergency situation, best not lose it before the emergency even arises.

What I’m trying to say is, I lost my go bag.

Don’t know how it happened, but somewhere in-between loading and unloading the car with multiple combinations of guitar gear, lacrosse gear, and camping gear, the bag got left behind. Maybe it was pinched in a moment I wasn’t looking. Who knows? After double and triple checking cars, closets, and garages, I had to admit that my precious go bag was gone. For good.

Following a suitable period of grieving, I decided to put together another go bag.

It’s substantially similar to the last go bag, with less knives. I overdid it the first time, and I’m really pissed that I lost those fantastic knives. In this version there is a dedicated knife and one in the multi-tool.

Here are the components of go bag 2015:




Food and medical:





And that’s it. I’ll toss in some Altoids, and try not to lose this bag!