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52 Week Photography Challenge

Over the holidays I decided to take up the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge, taking on a new assignment each week this year. A few of my friends are coming along for the ride, and we hope to keep each other challenged and motivated to improve our photography throughout the year.

The first assignment of the year is a self portrait. I planned to use off-camera flash for this assignment. Katie and I headed out to Vasona Park and set up near Los Gatos Creek. We got the lighting dialed in quickly and I took a few shots of her.

Initially I had trouble taking a true selfie with the self timer, because the camera focuses when the shutter is pressed (ie. when I’m not in front of it), and not when the actual exposure happens. Katie helped me by tripping the shutter when I was standing in front of the camera. Some of the best images of the day were made that way, but I decided they are not true selfies.

20160103-125053-rpe-0038.jpg Off camera flash, but not selfie enough.

I decided to use manual focus, which was a bit of a pain to get just right. While we were doing that, a couple stopped by and asked what we were up to. We talked a bit about photography: the rule of thirds, full frame cameras, off-camera flash, and so on. The gentleman mentioned that he’d recently bought a Canon 6D, and that it has WiFi, which is cool because he can see what the camera sees before he trips the shutter. Bingo! I remembered that the Fuji has the exact same capability. I fired up Fuji’s Camera Remote app on my phone and was able to take a truly unaided selfie. Unfortunately one of the batteries in my flash trigger had died by then, and I was stuck with no backups (CR2032 don’t ya know). So the keeper image was all natural light.

20160103-125755-rpe-0037.jpg Natural light because flash trigger died. Fully selfie.

Today’s lessons are:

  1. Bring a spare battery for everything.
  2. WiFi is cool.